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Customized Health & Fitness coaching.
Fuel your Body,

Meet Our Coaches

Danielle and Tracy have enjoyed success with both food & fitness later in life, competing in 1/2 marathons in their 30's & moving to triathlons in their 40's, and realizing food is the key to fueling your success in fitness.

They love motivating others to reach their full potential. Whether that is reaching a new personal goal, losing weight, or training for your 1st 5k or even your 1st Ironman distance triathlon… they are here to get you to your GOALS!!

Health & Fitness Coaching


At food 1st fitness we believe that food is meant to be nourishment for your body, mind & soul. Through our coaching we will help you understand the fundamentals of food & its importance not just to fuel you every day, but through workouts as well.

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Training & Education 

We believe that food is paramount when it comes to training, and when you have the right nutrition your training becomes that much more productive.

Fuel your Body,
Fuel Results


"Endurance training with Coach Danielle has been exactly what I needed. With her guidance I have become a stronger athlete, improved my skills and PR'd in all my events. It has given me the confidence to push for bigger goals and distances in 2018. Not only is Coach Danielle a great mentor, she makes training fun."

— Nicole A., Food 1st Fitness Coached Athlete

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